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Designer, Stylist, Model, and Content Creator.



Social Profile:

Splendour Ifeanyi Elekwachi

Designer, Stylist, Model, and Content Creator.

Mr. Splendour is the CEO of Sparks and Splendour Clothes - a fashion Brand that boasts of works and high profile client base in different parts of Africa, the United States, and Europe!

An outstanding designer, stylist, model, and fashion and lifestyle content creator, he is also the founder of House of Magnificence - a body dedicated to promoting Christian creatives in Nigeria.

Why You Should Listen

In 2015, he showed sheer innovation to pull off the first-ever fashion and gospel show in Nigeria under the auspices of the House of magnificence.

Splendour is known for leveraging social media to promote arts, fashion, and culture. He has worked with top celebrities, movie producers, and African Magic TV to create irresistible content in the field of fashion and entertainment.

The creative designer has also featured in different fashion magazines and articles, including The Claire Magazine, and Trendsetter Magazine to mention but a few.

Splendour has consistently been a source of inspiration to young people by setting up platforms and events to give a voice to young people who have business ideas, talents in need of proper management, and skillful youths who need a platform to showcase their creativity.

In view of that, he recently started a collaboration program to assist young fashion entrepreneurs and content creators in achieving their goals.

Mr. Splendour is committed to making a mark that cannot be erased in the field of fashion by creating classy original designs and engaging content that promote fashion. His unique creativity has earned him numerous awards in the past years and his brand has seen an exponential increase in fans and followers.

Splendour can be easily spotted by his impeccable dress sense and is someone you want to trust with your outfits if you want to stand out and stay classy.

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