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Social Media Coach and Influencer



Social Profile:

Bolaji Ajibare (a.k.a the Socialmediaoga)

Social Media Coach and Influencer

Bolaji Ajibare is a social media manager, coach, and influencer.

Why You Should Listen

Bolaji Ajibare has helped over 100 businesses all over the world use social media the right way.

In the course of her career, she has trained over 300 people to start a career in social media management and make lots of money from it.

She has a genuine love for social media and is always looking for ways to simplify things for everyone looking to learn.

Bolaji Billions also called Thesocialmediaoga recently extended her influence to Fashion brands as she is a lover of fashion.

She is the first child of 4 children born to Pastor and Pastor Mrs. Ajibare. She currently serves as the Head of Communications Unit for the PSF Media and PR department.

Her love for God can be seen in her daily life and through her content.

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